BF4 Console Gameplay (Battlefield 4 Playstation 3 / Xbox 360 Multiplayer Review)

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skaterblack2153 says:

Shutup phone! Oh how I missed that

Siôn Jones says:

They had to optimize BF4 for current gen in least the beta, because next gen isn’t out yet. Anyone planning on playing BF4 on PS4 or XBone probably owns a PS3 or 360 presently. Thus, the only way for them to play the beta is current gen, the beta should not be a reflection of the full game so far as optimization on current gen is concerned.

RsTesters says:

pwn, this channel getting 1k subs more every time i check great job :D

Chris Yu says:

I’m glad they had time to work on the MoH final build after the fact to get it together as a mod….I mean BF4.

Brett Flory says:

If BF4 is going be on PS4 and the new Xbox then the graphics will probably be better on console then

Crigaas says:

Add me on PSN: Crigaas


The console version sucks. I habe it on PC and console and I just can’t stand it on console. The visuals are horrible (I expected that), 12v12 is not enough, less vehicles, and when the building falls, everything is just light brown, no textures almost.


Only if you buy some awful pre-built PC like alienware. If you build it yourself (which is very easy if you follow some decent tutorial, like newegg’s) you can get it much cheaper.

Giggleblob says:

Yeah but it doesn’t and any fucking advantages

blews16 says:

I love your reviews on things….You give the truth no matter what you actually think of the game…unlike most youtube personalities

Fallen Segal says:

24 people seems too much some times.
on PC *hypocritic* It’s like wal-mart on Saturdays!

Andr Desayunae says:

You’ll get used to it like I did. It is a challenge at first though I’ll have to admit.

Andr Desayunae says:

Well actually with the introduction of the commandrose into the consoles there has to be a button for it… and note the limited number of buttons on a controller, it isn’t a keyboard

Giggleblob says:

The controls are bullshit for console!

thegyger says:

In a shooter Aim Assist needs to be there, like ADS Snap / aim assist in BF3 console,because a controller is a weaker piece of hardware in comparison to a mouse+keyboard.

Besides, even with aim assist if you played against a PC player no matter how good a player is you will probably lose a lot of firefights because controllers are a bit clunky for FPS. The skill ceiling isn’t as high as with a mouse and keyboard. I respect your opinion but your argument is factually incorrect.

thegreath88 says:

What happen to the AK12 review

LordGwynn says:


comrade soviet says:


Synntex says:

I think that the bf4 beta is more difficult than bf3 :/ and also i’m not sure if its a reload bug or if dice actually wanted to make the game more realistic

VincentValentineVII1 says:

Reload bug is SUPER annoying. I hope that’s not how it is full game

nineduce12 says:

DICE and EA made BF3 on PS3 awesome, it was smooth and easy to play. This BF4 beta is optimized for COD players (Hence the control change) Thats why it sucks. They feel that making the controls exactly like Call of Dutys control scheme will make Cod players migrate to BF4. Your opinion is invalid since you only played BF3 for a small amount on console.

nineduce12 says:

Go watch gameplay of the BF3 beta then look at this. “people are complaining about a 2007 graphics card with 512MB of memory..” Go look at PS3 exclusives and you’ll see right away that the graphics arent the problem.

CoolStoryJo says:

pwn there’s a wrecking ball dog tag

Triston Thorne says:

YAY pwn had something good to say about the console :)

RussiansWithGuns says:

Don’t get this on console. I have beta on here because I had premium. Building my PC when the new AMD cards come

Abanoub Fawzy says:

Ps3 is really smooth game compared to bf3

richmantha says:

i agree 100%. It may not be pc but the beta is 10x smoother of a game on the old consoles even at the beta stage.

sergiodriftdrift says:

Iagree pwn and thank you for not saying console sucks ,don’t get this on console like most people is saying.

GiantCheesePickle says:

Pwn, you should call your phone the Pwn Phone

XcSoccer1zZ says:

haha you’re right, the new controls are so annoying, i really dont see the need to bring up so many useless menus during the game, and i hate the new spot button.

Viic88 says:

What bf3 was super-fluid on console, bf4 is super-sluggish. The reason you can hit thing is that they made the aimassist superhigh so noobs can shoot like pro’s

TheWasdii says:

That reload glich is the worst on shotguns

heilt says:

I guess peasants can have their space in the youtubes too.

heilt says:

I guess peasants can have their space in the youtubes too.

igm293 says:

I agree 100% with this vid

Dantehavok218 says:

I don’t know, I played BF3 from the beginning on PS3 and i didn’t find any HUGE problems with it. Whatever people said was negative i probably never really felt it cuz i adapted. Playing this beta feels COMPLETELY different for me. Starting with the controls. I’m hoping they will fix it at launch but i will not be buying it for PS3

EvilIdleHands says:

I’ll take your word for it, PWN. However, playing BF on consoles is what kept me from the franchise for so many years. Friends tried to get me into BF many times on XB360 and every time it was rubbish, then I got BF3 on PC and now I’m hooked. I just can’t imagine it being any different now. Maybe with next-gen consoles though…

Case932 says:

There were people playing, you have to pretty much click everything on the server settings to get them to show up though. Server settings just don’t work very well.

TheBushwooky says:

I heard the realistic mag based reloading was for hardcore mode.

TheBushwooky says:

Honestly for current gen it’s a big upgrade from BF3 but compared to next gen and PC version it’s not that good.

TheAK47striker says:

found it, thanks :D

Gold Star says:

ur high

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