Black Ops 2: Diamond Vector Review [BO2 Gameplay]

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Black Ops 2 Diamond Vector Review! Please be sure to drop a LIKE on the video to help out the first episode, look for the next one to be more in depth and even have a layout if this goes over well! Follow me on Twitter – Like me on Facebook – Check out my Livestream – Pwnstar tshirts – Subscribe to NoVa Gaming – Buy a Custom Scuf Controller and get 5% OFF with coupon code “PAWN” Black Ops 2: Diamond Vector Review [BO2 Gameplay] Black Ops 2: Diamond Vector Review [BO2 Gameplay] Black Ops 2: Diamond Vector Review [BO2 Gameplay]


troy11995 says:

this gun kicks ass.

PsychoDante77 says:

are there any good videos for good map strategy and map manuevering tactics for BO2?

Drunknhigh1331 says:

Once you get this gun gold you have bragging rights. Once you have it diamond you have the right to shit on people 24/7

Elijah Gilber says:

This gun is great! I was using it with no perks no attachments & I was almost unstoppable. I got all the challenges done except revenge medals. & that’s because I hardly ever got revenge because nobody could kill me. I’m deff. making this one diamond camo. 3 more SMG guns to go.

max hill says:

I thought that Skyrim didn’t have Youtube or a PC, or a Ipad/Ipod, are you watching this on your iVoice?

Reconhell24 says:

Pwn take a video of her doing jumping jacks or something? its funny when pregnant women exercise…

Falkreath Guard says:

This is my first time watching any of your videos and I can assure you that I will be watching more!

ELITECaptn6 says:

Your totally right this gun is awsome

Cedrick Senegal says:

Pwn can you do a video on how effective dropshoting is plz……

AverageGamingFilms says:

Oh yeah she’s pregnant, So I guess pushing her down the stairs family guy style is out of the question.

Adrian Steen says:

Were you drunk when you wrote this, Dustin?

TheViperGaming123 says:

Congratulations on the baby!!! I wish you, your wife and the baby all the best :) . Any ideas on the babies name?

TrashMonkyBeast says:

Hey guys I would really appreciate it if you could check out my channel and my new video Vector Minitage. I absolutely annihilate some kids with the vector, a very under used weapon. It also has some dope A$AP Rocky music. Thanks!

MrThatguy468 says:


Drugged Pig says:

Depending on how long she has been pregnant for, you could put a pregnancy test somewhere she will find it. ( suggesting that you have cheated on her)

racketboy98st says:

Worst smg

SwaggingMyTail says:

Pwn when i first saw the attacthments u used i thought they were stupid, but then i tried those attatchments and love it. Nice job

Eden Levy says:

Not if there in a gold mine and strike diamonds

OMNIGod66 says:

CODBF2 Is for kids! The movement of the characters is too slow, except for the Recon guy. You can’t flat out RUN, you can’t lay Prone/Flat in most fields of play. The game play is SO easy, no wonder the Multiplayer is full of 5th to 8th graders. You can go from Level 1 to 50 in maybe 2-3 days, and have access to all weapons in the game. BATTLEFIELD 3 is head & shoulders above this Cartoon Crap. I had to buy it to come to my final conclusion. Gamer: OMNIGOD66

Denis Spahic says:

how do you know how fast they shoot?

kiwininja100 says:

i run the vector with laser and target finder or extended mags
it works for me

isniperu1 says:

fuck ps3 all about Xbox 360

wolf315stacey says:

Just when you have the most targets locked

DuBB900 says:

Is it better to wait to deploy the hell storm middle or is it better to deploy it right away??

Mahdi Agha says:


Mahdi Agha says:

I got all guns diamond haha every gun in the game and the shelled

Khalil Thomas says:

the vector is a good diamond guun


Congrats pwn :) & great gameplay.

OverGamer0089 says:

I got golden vector :D

xDutchClann says:


helpmeimconfused says:

its a game, not real life. video games are for entertainment not to be realistic.

MW3Noober says:

Is there going to be a mini pwnstar

DannyBoy777 says:

If you’re actually talking about the games again, I might have to re-sub.

BzerqReCKs says:

how have i not come across your channel before? Your a really good player & commentator. I’m also a PS3 player. And i also use the Vector alot. I’m working on getting the diamond.

You have just gained a new subscriber

Shnookumm says:

I honestly thought that that was an actual tweet from you, sorry. Still love you.

DUTHOR28 says:

why don’t you play this on PC?

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