Custom Gaming PC Build -2012 -CattyRICKY & NoScop3DaPope

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evan oglesby says:

Awesome computer bro and great videos. Keep it up!

einstein780 says:

Handsome case you got there O_O Also i finally saw you :D Nothin what i
imagined ( in a good way ) That was worth the 2 weeks i see.

CANNABLE4444 says:

niiiice :D

HDNoScop3DaPope says:

but 680 is such a powerfull graphics card you should expect the best of
preformance from it and thanks :D i loved that case since i first saw it
loooooooooong loooooooooong time ago :D

HDNoScop3DaPope says:

thaaaanks :D

ViZiiOn Nox says:

Nice bro , really nice!

HDNoScop3DaPope says:

yeah there will be as soon as i get everything together and work is making
it really difficult to make vids too :(

Doomination24 says:

Better :D

iMidnightRunnerxx says:

So that’s jow you build a CPU? How much did this cost all togethr and how
to long to put it together?

HDNoScop3DaPope says:


TheNotoriousJesus says:

Macs are …. eek

HDNoScop3DaPope says:

its beautifull :)

Jay Shank says:

I’m a fan of AMD so going for Nvidia wont be there,so do you suggest 7850..?

Jay Shank says:

You are right..i can’ i think i would go for 7850..its not very costly
and would be enough for 1 or 2 years i guess, at least for one year..
Thanks man..

xJoeyCastrox says:

I likeeee!

Jay Shank says:

For single display, AMD i far more better..i saw many charts of AMD and
Nvidia..only reason why Nvidia is good is because of Physx..Well, 7970 is
very costly so i would go for 7850 or 7870..

HDNoScop3DaPope says:

thanks ! :D

HDNoScop3DaPope says:

its a great case i really like it so are the rest of the components :)

HDNoScop3DaPope says:

i do not know because minecraft at the moment is not a game i play i hope
to get back into it soon :D i needthe minecraft vibe to get playing again :)

HDNoScop3DaPope says:

it took about a day with the help from my friend ricky and the new upgrades
have cost mme around £400 thats around $500 anyway thats only the new
upgrades the rest of the old stuff is about £400 so all together i threw
about £800 into my pc build so far next upgrade is 16 gb of ram :) then
possibly a new CPU :)

Jay Shank says:

Whats strange..I’ve never seen that before..thanks man..may be i need to
dig more..

HDNoScop3DaPope says:

lool thank you :D

Jay Shank says:

yes it we need to just cut to the high end and get back to more of a
value cards..:-D

brittshittt says:

could u put the specs in the description. the video is quite all over the
place lol

HDNoScop3DaPope says:

thank you :)

cod4340 says:

No scope do u know why cattyrickys server in never up now?

kaspermittel says:

awsome video, will you go on with the minecraft let’s play’s or do you
still use the same hard-drive which was almost dead? +1 like

Doomination24 says:

HO-LY SHITTT! you and ricky are nothing like what i pictured! Awesome
episode i hope this means more videos

Roberto Puddy says:

Nice video Patrik, pretty beasty comp as well! Im thinking maybe I should
of built my own custom pc instead of a Mac now ! Nive videos, intros are
getting better too! :D

HDNoScop3DaPope says:

hehe thanks :D are we better or worse? :D

CoolJamser says:

Dat case… I see why it was your dream case.

HDNoScop3DaPope says:

yeah i wish i could affor the 6990 its so good but incredibly expensive :(

HDNoScop3DaPope says:

thank you! :D im trying to make more vids but, its just too hard with work
in the way :S

HDNoScop3DaPope says:

hes got some trouble with it at the moment

SteFFGaming says:

WOW that psu is HUGE. very nice pc, hope there will be more videos coming

Ryan Graham says:

Ur Beautiful

nakkimo says:

the case looks nice, I bought the 680 a couple days ago.

HDNoScop3DaPope says:

i like my gpu the 6870 but i do not think it is sufficient for next gen
gaming and upcoming games i am personally thinking about the nvidia
geeforce 680 2GB wich is quite sufficient i do not recommend anything below
the radeon hd 6870 as the gaming industry is advancing at such an alarming
rate you will be upgrading every couple of months.

HDNoScop3DaPope says:

thanks :)

Jay Shank says: buying a 6870 now worth for more future titles or getting a 7850..?
o mean 6870 is i need help..

HDNoScop3DaPope says:

it depends on your money my friend i would recommend only one radeon and
that is the 6990 they question is can you afford it? anyway that is my

HDNoScop3DaPope says:

tehe thanks :D

SLUGGY1990 says:

I’ve got the white & red version of that case. Thumbs up for having
Irn-Bru! :P

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