Custom Painted / Airbrushed Xbox 360 Controller | Dragon Ball Z Themed! | Controller Plus C+

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vRelikk says:

Check out EzeeGaming . C0m … We are doing a 3 month gold giveaway plus a 1600 Microsoft giveaway … Plus we just got 2k members and 10 000 posts

MsPurpledotty says:

Yup @Msxheartxattack DBZ xD

dylanmiller49 says:

Could u ever do a Liverpool Fc controller ?

Nathaniel Mackenzie says:

At first i thought it was a pizza


I liked the video before I watched it all because it said Dragon Ball


This is so fucking dope would buy 

fitzy844 says:

best. controller. ever.

awesomepeoplegames says:

Sub all i sub back

porkchopsanwich says:

Saw the thumbnail. Sold. I have a ps3…..

Brown Hombre says:

Honestly i think this is the bet controller you have made.

cornxx3 says:

Those lights better be orange or white. If they’re green it wouldn’t look right at all. Wish they would’ve shown the lights on.

TheSquidCave says:

love the controllers think you could get one done and shipped by june 27th?

Jeeve131 says:

Sick controller. Can’t wait for the giveaway results.

LagginPotato says:

Will you guys be doing Xbox One controllers, i’m sure a lot of people would buy those. Including me.

DurpzGaminINC says:

Just amazing.

Jonathan Almonte says:

How can i buy them

ControllerPlus says:

Thanks man! Can’t love em all right?

ControllerPlus says:

Thanks Ricardo!

Selena Mejia says:

I would buy it but its an xbox controller :P

EnhancedEditz says:

Check Out my channel for CONTEST/GIVEAWAY!!!! Btw i Edit hit me up for an edit ;p

VIRUS98ify says:

are you planning to do xbox one controllers

John Lee says:

Do you do it for ps3 too?

David Childers says:

Looks sick man, but it would make me hungry (dragon balls look like oranges) lol, good job though!

Urmadre3000 says:


Ricardo Banuelos says:

that controller looks sick!

joemacker22 says:

Usually love you guys work, but I don’t don’t really like this one. Feel like the dragon balls are too dull.

PHresh94X says:

thats a sick ass controller, DBZ is the shit

Angelo dreaver says:

drogon balls

barbosa377 says:

Optic nadeshot would love this

pGV3N0Mz says:

That cool man I like this video keep up the good work

MJsLobbies says:

Yo CP u should make a video about your custom controller cause I haven’t been a subscriber of yours for long so I don’t know if u have but u should do it.

ControllerPlus says:

Thanks my man!

ControllerPlus says:

All hand painted, we don’t mess with hydro dipping.. lazy way out!

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