Just Dance 4 : Call me maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen)

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Just Dance 4 : Call me maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen). Join us on Facebook & Twitter facebook.com & twitter.com Check out this new and exclusive gameplay video with Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen ! Just Dance 4 : Call me maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen). The game will be available October 2, 2012 on Xbox 360 (Kinect), PS3 (PS Move), Wii and “Wii U” (Winter 2012). Suscribe now to get the latest gameplay trailers, walkthrough and ingame videos !


bizzyorea says:


littlemsjaney says:

woah. I like this :) its kinda weird but cool.

Carson C says:

So fun i played just dance at my it was very fun

wwwpetermp says:

no spick inglish, spick spanish

Arshay80 says:

Gurl u rock that

ihatebrice says:

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liba36a says:

cool weil die ohne Wii konnens auch ranzen

Tatiana Bennett says:

yeah i did notic that it is very weird

Angelita guapita says:

if you cool

brauliovidela25 says:


afif yasmine says:

yéééééééé she looke like ariana

fabi oranski says:

purple ariana grande dance call me maybe

brauliovidela25 says:


bobbydani54 says:


TheSelena47 says:

ARIANA GRANDE!!! That looks like her!!!!!!

Brittany Hooks says:

me and my best friends favorite song in the world

love1so1sweet says:

dude… i would totally wear that…

saramolinasm says:


GuitarGirl7998 says:

my favorite dance on this game:-D

cupcakecutegirl says:


ronalfaro67 says:

The dancer looks a little like Ariana Grande o.O

edwardrobinson554 says:

I  ko

Tyler Harig says:

yea it does

GuitarGirl7998 says:

as fast as she says so call me maby then someone alls

GuitarGirl7998 says:

do the just dance 4 game havr ross lynch?

jacey300 says:

top video!!

suermega ciao says:

i m crazzy

TudoNoSeuTubo says:

Just Dance é o melhor game de dança!

Inferna ape says:

N00b of D00m

Alicia Olsen says:

Wiii lo bueno que ya me lo van a comprar ^w^

aye khing maung says:

this dance is so easy!!!

aylinfigueroa77 says:

I love this just dance 4

Pasupalan Suraj says:

I love it

Tabby Ghani says:

The dance is so simple.

meliza leyson says:

watch my videos pls. ;(((

cattamer98 says:

10 missed calls

789Trad says:


KatyP445 says:

I got this song gold already

paolotorres134 says:

What if she is supposed to look like Ariana Grande?

robert saari says:


rheanna coshatt says:

Da friggen phone icon


I always get 5 stars when I do this song. :)

AnimeGirl38084 says:

I noticed it it was like 10 times that happened and he never answered the phone

saulhernandez761421 says:


saudiawash says:

So cool

DoomKitty765 says:

Does anyone else notice that the phone icon behind her goes up a number every time the song says call? GURL, ANSWER YO PHONE!! IT BE DA BOY!!

proud2bwhoiam874 says:

I love singing with her

proud2bwhoiam874 says:

I love it

Annalía Vidal says:

me encanta

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