Minecraft on Alienware M14x Gaming Laptop

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This is Minecraft on the Alienware M14x Gaming Laptop. it is excellent. it can run great FPS and no Lag Frame Rates Non-Recording: 60+ Recording: 40-60 Be su…


DaBoss720 says:

ummmm my 3 year old hp laptop gets 500fps

angelobilly7 says:

My custom pc can get 300fps max settings 750$. Monitor is only 60 so you really don’t notice the 300

Marty Milner says:

I dont use a mouse I have to use the touch mouse and when im walking and I try to look around in-game I dont move around, HELP!

colin torrey says:

i love asus i can get 130 on max settings

Jamesgamer88 says:

do a vid on minecraft with the best settings to see how much fps u can get max

Dante Pasquale says:

What the fucj are you talking about you nothing about computers kid below this comment

Andy Jones says:

Your comment is completely wrong, that’s like saying an Asus laptop from 2008 is better than an Alienware M14x made in 2012. However I will say that I will never buy an Alienware in my life as they are extremely overpriced because you pay for the make. Your Asus laptop probably has better specs, so of course it will run faster.


Just the thing that you can’t customize the keyboard colour

xcoolerboyx says:

On my laptop i have about 100-110 fps with a 256×256 texturepack…
Sometimes i can play with a 512×512 textruepack but don´t decide this xD
And alienware is a piec of crap… you have to pay a lot of money but what you have is crap…
I have the same fps when i´m recording : about 100-110 fps :D
So buy a asus it´s much more better.

MegaMagicman007 says:

What are your specs?

igear24 says:

I kinda wanna get the m17x cause of the bigger sceens :p

zman8ful says:

Help ? I get the same fps with the nvidia as intergrated graphics

asianmayhem043 says:

yea because laptops are not power full as desktop but u can change the settings of ur graphics card and it will not lag

guilhermedirsch says:


failforthewin12 says:

M14x cost 1000

TheStickfigure007 says:

Im getting one, its about 1500.

LorinFordyce says:

can it handle large servers?

Tim Cintron says:

How much did this cost??!!

Zach z says:

Just ordered mine with windows 8 and intel 8 core processor and 1600 by 900 screen processor it should run better, so I’m excited!

norwayfreak19 says:

my computer lags becouse alienware is to good for it xD

Alex Vett says:

I want to be able to have such nice quality

Thane Townshend says:


xUrbanCOWx says:

What are your specs?

Michael Andersen says:

wow on my comp i get 16FPS at best and most of the time its 4 FPS

Mrnibblisify says:

How about when running an HD texture pack like VonDoomCraft when and when not recording?

Nova trolling says:

i have a shit laptop and runing sphax 64bit and i get 60 fps and its only a 32bit get a better laptop

IamWhoIaaam says:

can yuo make a vedio about thes

IamWhoIaaam says:

what is the hidden icons

TheNYBoy98 says:

ok ya i said this before but go to ur hidden icons in the bottom left corner, then go to your nvidia settings and change the preferred graphics processor from auto-select to high performance. save the settings and you should have 60+ in minecraft with max graphics and far render distance

IamWhoIaaam says:

i have alienware m14x and when i put short , normal or far it be very lag !!

Enkhbold Ganbaatar says:

OK, thanks, I am definitely buying an Alienware m14x for $999

PixelVoxCreations says:

Why does your terrain flicker???

ThePokemonmaster494 says:

Saving for one my current crappy pc can’t run mincraft (sence 1.7.3.)

ThatDude321000 says:

i meant should i get this or asus MSG ME ON SKYPE MY NAME IS xXBananaXx123 any answers are good

maddenfootballpats says:

What’s overkill

TheNYBoy98 says:

no problem bro :)

TheNYBoy98 says:

12 gb is kinda overkill for some 6gb is ok and 8 is ok, i have 6gb ram, but 12 i think is overkill.
and im running the Nvidida Geforce GT 650M

TheNYBoy98 says:


7583cody says:

Did you record in full screen?

TheNYBoy98 says:

it is on fancy if u saw wen i open optifine

TheNYBoy98 says:

kk if u want a new video of it on fancy just ask
it is exactly the same frame rate and everything

rowe234 says:

I seee your on Fast graphics…….I dont think thashigh settings in MInecraft……its fancy…..

TheNYBoy98 says:

i know it can run, but some people want to see the fps rates. alienware can run anything. i just asked if you guys wanted the fps rates for each of these games.

gijsjeeee2 says:

dude, if it can run minecraft on highest settings, it can also run your games.

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