Minecraft PlayStation 3 – How To Play Split-Screen Minecraft PS3 Edition Tutorial

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How to Play Split Screen on PS3 Minecraft Edition, play up to 4 Players on PlayStation 3. Enjoy All of My PlayStation 3 Minecraft Videos and Make Sure to Sti…


PlayStation Fever says:

U guys need a hdmi cable guys you cant do it without it and there isn’t any
other way to do splitscreen without the hdmi cable.my psn is slickburnz233

TheGcreeper101 says:

+PlayStation Fever im having truble making the controlers pop up like at
0:32 can you help

ClockinGamers says:

hey ps3 fever i have a crappy tv do i need to have a high definition tv or
do i have to be online

Alex Skatekid says:

I still can’t get the 4 controller icon thing to pop up :( 


What do u press to get the 4 controllers pop up on the screen??

Jefferson Gomes says:

me add psn JeefGomes 

Sultan Saoud says:


Dylan Suck a dick says:

Even with my HDMI it won’t let me is there something I’m missing

TheAnimalUntamed says:

U don’t help dipshit

Ninja_Of_Trollin says:

Ninja_Of_Trollin enough said :’)

Anthony Lyons says:

Everyone add me im a major minecraft pe player and I now need ps3 friends
to play with me add me on psn SixPackSuper-Man

SoCloseToBread says:

yo u guys i made a house on minecraft and u have to survive it. Its not
easy no one has made it whithout dieing if you dare add me KJcools and see
if u and ur friends r up 4 the chall JuST DOnT DIE !!!!!!! FeVer if your up
add me bro. >:)

Georgia Waley says:

How do you get the 4 icons of controllers up (0:32) ?? 

ignacio661 says:

Anybody who was asking, you can’t do split screen without an HDMI

Nathanial Smith says:

Add me if u wanna play minecraft ps3 psn Nathancash45

Ilham Zhiyan says:

Bro can u add me please psn name: yolo_mix_swagger

Betty Beal says:

Is you on mi

TheVitaHub says:

Nice video!

RyanGaming says:

You need hdmi

blueninja160 says:

Nvm I send you one already can you add me

Julius Smith says:

U didn’t accept my friend request yet

Bmxgregg08 says:

Mine doesn’t wot kit says error

skydosgaming says:

Dosent work whitout hdmi pleass make a vidio how to play splitcreen whitout
hdmi plzz

James Loves Mc says:

this is bs

Bmxgregg08 says:

I shall add u right now

Anthony says:

Anyone add me

Melvin Martinez says:

So kinecraft fo play station came out all ready 

DaRk_SuN115 says:

This dont work.

Damien Alex says:

Add me I’m KiwiKing12

Jeff Miller says:

add me r-wiggz24 i also have minecraft.

PlayStation Fever says:

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