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A short video showing the un-boxing of my new SCUFF gaming controller with a short description of the controller.


ChiCubsFan14 says:

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my channel. Unfortunately, my son and nephews have grabbed my extras. Maybe if I get another one I can set up a contest for the old one. Thanks for the idea.

GearMonkee says:

Can i have one of your controllers?

ChiCubsFan14 says:

Hey, thanks for stopping by and lucky you. 50% off, that’s the bomb. Which controller did you get? I checked out their site yesterday and saw some new models. Will be looking for your un-boxing

TheTootyfruity123 says:

mine were shipped yesterday and i live quite close so hoping to get mine today. keep checking my videos im sponsered by them and i got 50percent off. so i will be doing an unboxing video

KustomGraphics206 says:

real quick question bro.. does it happen to work for a pc or laptop like the microsoft xbox controller? thanks

lowbob0000 says:

You received in the period of a how long?

ChiCubsFan14 says:

Thank you for the correction. I always get that messed up since I was a huge Randy Savage fan from the WWF. Sorry if I offended and thanks for stopping by.

yuzzkl76 says:

Dude: it’s Sandy Ravage..not Randy Savage

ChiCubsFan14 says:

Thanks for leaving a comment. The cord is about 9 feet long. It gives you a pretty good reach from the console. The paddles on the back are super sweet.

TheFiretrot says:

Thanks for the review. Thinking about getting this one since i use “tactical” setup. How long is the cable?

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