Scuff Gaming Controller Review

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A review of my new xbox controller by Scuff Gaming! Please comment and subscribe for more videos like this! :) Scuf Gaming official website: http://scufgamin…


Timothy Depasquale says:

lol roughly 100-150$ so your controller can have custom paint, and a few new buttons. SO WORTH IT GUYS GET THEM BEFORE THEY SELL OUT

Jaime Hernandez says:


8bitSygat says:

You say that no-one has the same setup in the world but, I have ordered the exact same things as you XD

MidnightWabbit says:

if you use the tactical configuration in call of duty, it enables you to dropshot, but, it disables your ability to panic knife. i have the right back paddle on mine set to the b button. this way i can knife while in tactical, or, if i wanted, dropshot in default.  i also have a concave left stick, which enables freer faster movements, and a domed one on the right, allowing for more precise aiming.

Joel Johnsone says:

can u explain

MidnightWabbit says:

it helps a lot more than you’d think

Joel Johnsone says:

what does scuf controller do ? and does it make u better ?

TheRealTommyTuck says:

I gkt the exact same controller as u but without trigger stops because i play halo

chris296471 says:

MidnightWabbit!!! There are around 15 different xbox controllers on the scuf website? what are the main differences or is it a just visual difference?

MrChaso123 says:

Hey MidnightWabbit, Im just getting a grim reaper scuff controller its dope man.

Radgear SP says:

i’ve given you 10 views on this video just because….

TheFlamingKat says:

Im going to get a scuf controller for christmas

LOLZandWatergaming says:

Hey wabbit it just subbed can you please sub to my channel keep om going on your channel

atrophyCOD says:


MidnightWabbit says:

About a week, but it probably depends on where you live.

icemanrob09 says:

Hey nice review, when u ordered it how long did it take for them to deliver it?

TheFazeel123 says:

Dope controller i would get one but way to much money and first

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