The Bomb Game. Section8 Airsoft War Scotland ICS Galil

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1 of 400 videos at Im on FaceBook At Alternative Channel Im on Twitter at Airsoft Gun Reviews Section8′s Facebook page is at Filmed at Section8 Airsoft which is located near Glasgow incentral Scotland, if you wish to play here the game dates and directions etc are on the Section8 website at The players at Section8 arrange their games via a forum at the following link If you require Airsoft guns in the UK I advise you use For more information on playing Airsoft in the UK and elsewhere I recommend you use the forum on the following website http You will need to set up a login to use the forums, its free. Filmed using a Canon D5 MKII Edited on a 27″ Apple iMac using Apple iMovie Thanks to all the players and staff at Section8 Airsoft


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