World of Tanks Xbox 360 Beta Gameplay

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So I received my beta invitation today, jumped into the game right away. But my experience as seen in this video, was kind of… boring. I guess that’s what …


RoGPro says:

The next scheduled play sessions for the World of Tanks®: Xbox 360 Edition are as follows:

1. Thursday, July 18th at 07:00am PDT – Friday, July 19th at 01:00am PDT (US and Canada)

2. Friday, July 19th at 07:00am PDT – Saturday, July 20th at 01:00am PDT (US and Canada)

3. Saturday, July 20th at 07:00am PDT – Sunday, July 21st at 01:00am PDT (US and Canada)

4. Sunday, July 21st at 07:00am PDT – Monday, July 22nd 01:00am PDT (US and Canada)

PlayerFive77 says:

When will the next beta come out I wanna play already

KimberlyJohnson951 says:

 this dont’ works,but try tested and works and you can also get it free

blessley0688 says:

Thx man needed to know

695Silencer says:

Not yet but maybe in a future beta update :)

blessley0688 says:

Hey anyone know how or if u even can sell tanks yet

Nicholas yerinides says:

Hey guys it is on a different engine so it’s gona be different

noobtubephails says:

Is it possible to adjust the hud? its so damn big.

Kaboost97 says:

Is the T-40 fucked up 4 anyone else because when I aim with it there is a steel plate in the way.

oscar mojica says:

do you need a hardive for the xbox to download the beta or can you use a flashdrive?

222Totenkopf says:

oh, sorry i saw the first comment

RoGPro says:

Who said anything about sucking? I said boring…

222Totenkopf says:

hey we all suck when we give something a first go…..

DewyPornstar says:

This game does have some nice looks to it. Like the tracers on the bullets flying leaving smoke trails. And the garage in the corner theirs a t-44 getting welded.

Morgan Freeman says:

you a poopy nigga

Hulk Da Green says:

its a beta…just wait till the full game comes out

RoGPro says:

Thanks for the tip! We’re mainly Xbox 360 gamers here, so that is why we gave it a go.

RoGPro says:

I’m sure it is better on PC, but you can’t really complain about a free game on Xbox 360. Hopefully its more exciting to play when it officially comes out.

RoGPro says:

Yeah, completely understand. But seeing as how big this map is and how few players are going to be able to play the 360 version, its almost like BF3 where your running miles to get to the action. Just my opinion after first time playing beta.

XxModernxGamersxX says:

if u are new in this game u will suck(most of the time) play it on pc and get experienced and you will love it :)

Nolan Ouellet says:

Hey bud its a beta

Jeppe Vlogs says:

Its way better on PC, you get a tutorial and learn how to play it.

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